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About Us

BulkURL is your first step in establishing a successful web presence.

In response to the exponential growth of the Internet, BulkURL helps you find and register the domain name individuals and companies need in order to establish an Internet presence.

We realize that to succeed on the Internet, you not only have to register a domain, but also register many domains in your particular field of industry to both capitalize and protect  your market.

We also provide valuable information on how to get started on the Internet and our network of web sites help you to establish a presence on the Internet.

Our parent web hosting review directory, Host Global.com, helps businesses become more efficient using technology. We strive to share our knowledge of the industry with those looking to optimize the performance and success of their web presence.

We also have found the best marketing is marketing that is done without any costs.  With our transparent affiliate model, we can help your company to add value added services to provide to your visitors.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact us through the information provided below.


Sales - sales@bulkurl.com

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